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  • ThinkAhead
    "Think Ahead: How are you getting home?" Is focused on educating the Clemson community regarding safe travels in and around Clemson. Think Ahead was developed through partnership between Clemson University Student Government, EMpower Clemson and community members.
    Alcohol Off-Campus Officers have the right to enter any large public party that is open to strangers. Sometimes officers are in civilian clothes. If they see evidence of laws being violated or safety problems, citations can be issued. EMpower Clemson
  • Off-Campus Safety Tips
    Safety becomes even more important when you live off campus. Knowing your community's laws and policies, transportation options and using the buddy system are key. Store emergency numbers on your phone. In addition, for those who are 21 or older that choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Everyone should know the signs of alcohol poisoning: (1) Vomiting, (2) Cannot be awakened, (3) Blue lips or fingertips What to do: (1) Turn victim on their side; (2) Stay with victim; (3) Call 911.